Rosi Systems provide Background Music
for shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, health clubs and more.

We also provide corporate or personal radio stations
with music and promotional content.

We believe that music defines you – it sets you apart. Music not only enhances your product or service, but can also impact on customer behaviour. Music can change the way people perceive your business.

If you play, or want to play background music in your business, it’s really important to have the right songs and announcements playing.  A bad selection can turn customers away.

We can help you communicate with your customers, increasing the time they spend in your store and helping to drive incremental sales.  You can combine music and announcements in any format.

From affordable background music through to customised packages and your own bespoke radio stations, Rosi Systems can work with you and within your budget.

hotel music for hotel restaurant

With ANY of our music services, we guarantee that:

  • Songs won’t repeat themselves too quickly, or seem to play in the same order  
  • Songs won’t play at the same time on consecutive days
  • You WILL hear the optimum balance and flow between genres, artists and even a good balance between males and female singers, or pop and RnB songs for example.
  • Seasonal songs (Christmas, etc) can start playing automatically between specified dates

Music updates are automatically delivered over the internet – no manual updating is required!

We offer a total background music solution (hardware/software and a music library), or just software (which you can put your own music on). 

Our system is suitable for shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, health clubs and more!


Retail music

We also offer software for Management of music libraries and promotional messages across any number of sites, stores or venues, allowing easy allocation of promotional messages to certain regions for example, with the content flowing to and playing at the correct sites at the click of a mouse. More on Rosi MLM here.

Bespoke radio stations are our speciality – we can set up “off the shelf” stations for clients with an almost immediate start, or more bespoke individual servcies for any occasion or requirement with the capacity to stream to internal company venues or to be available to millions of end users.    

Get in touch if you think we can help bring your background or foreground music requirements to reality, our software team are happy to help bring YOUR ideas to fruition!   Contact us here!