About Rosi Systems Ltd

We are a UK limited company with two distinct divisions:

1) Software development team.  We work with an agile development policy.  Our team develops software quickly and on-budget.  We issue software updates regularly and fix any issues as a priority.  The team have been known to fix bugs and issue an update within 60 minutes!

2) Content production and provision.  This team provides music and other content for retail, entertainment and leisure industries.  Using software created by our development team we can distribute content across multiple sites.  This is then played out on-site using the Background Music or DJ software.

Custom development

We have a comprehensive skill set on audio based computer programming.  If you have a custom project with audio playback requirements, we are happy to undertake such work.

Our team work with various programming languages, including c++, c# and vb.net.

We are also able to offer customised versions of our existing product range to fit in with your project.  Whether this be a white-labelled version of the product, integration with very specific systems or devices, or just a change in the way the software works.

IT Room Display mnitor showing BMS in operation

We provide multi zone installations on cruise liners, with 20 zones of music in areas all around the ship all operating from one control centre PC, right the way down to shops and gyms only needing one music channel,

We are also a “one stop” streaming services shop for Internet only and Community radio stations, providing streaming direct to their listeners via the internet, and also main feeds to the DAB transmitter multiplexing site, whilst also constantly monitoring their output for breaks in service from their off peak automated studio output which occasionally stops and needs someone to go in and restart it! We can also provide breakdowns of how many listeners are logging on to the internet streams, how long they are listening for, and whereabouts they are, in our monthly stats packages.

Please contact us for more details and a quote, and let us help you with your Bespoke Automated Radio Station or Background Music Project!
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