We have developed a market-leading a background music platform.  This is used in-store to playout a mix of music and commercials.  The software can also be installed on a server (or virtual server) to produce a web-stream.

background music platform software engineer at work
Behind the background music playout software there is a comprehensive management system (called MLM – Master Library Manager).  This system allows you to manage:

  1. Music library
  2. Commercial content
  3. Customers – including each customer site
  4. Delivery of audio and corresponding data securely from your offices to each customer installation (including IEEE P1619 compliant encryption of content files, satisfying digital rights holders).
  5. Comprehensive reporting of what has played – this can be exported and submitted to copyright agencies.

Our background music platform is available as a service or to buy outright

If you run or are looking at setting up a company providing background music then we can help you!  Our background music platform is well established and reliable.  You can be up and running in a matter of days.  This is much more cost effective than hiring your own software development team.

If you already have a background music platform and are looking options to improve it, we’ll happily discuss ways we can help you migrate to our products.  We have migrated a number of background music providers to our platform.

We offer our platform in 2 ways:

  • PaaS – Platform as a Service.  We will host and maintain your music service on our servers.  You pay a monthly fee based on the number of end user installations.  This is a managed service and we offer you support.  All you have to do is provide the content!
    From £600/month.
  • Perpetual – pay a one-off fee to purchase our management software (which includes desktop software, database schema and various API software).  You are responsible for installing and maintaining the platform.  You can also purchase single or blocks of end client licenses from us on the same perpetual basis.  You own the software and once purchased there is no ongoing commitment.
    Base product is £8,999, which includes 12 months of updates and 15 single-zone client licenses.


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