Retail music

Music and retail are a powerful combination.  Use music in your shop to reinforce your brand, help connect to your customers and set the mood.

Research has shown that music can play an important part in helping customers dwell longer, spend more, remember their visit and return time and time again.

If customers enjoy the music it creates an environment which they want to return to again and again.  Music helps you to create brand loyalty.

Rosi Systems has a team of music experts who will carefully pick music that fits your retail outlet.  We are specialists at picking music to appeal to your target customers.

Our technology has the most advanced playlist rotation in any background music product.  It’s hard to believe, but our system one of the few available that doesn’t just play songs from a list in a random order!  We actually plans out the artists, genres and song tempos etc properly, and also check whether songs played at around this time yesterday!  Wave goodbye to repeated songs or artists and say hello to the best possible combination of music.