Well chosen bar background music helps to create an even greater atmosphere.

Research has found that upbeat background music encourages customers to drink quicker, helping to boost turnover at the bar. This plays an important part in helping customers dwell longer, spend more, remember their visit and return time and time again.

Our team of music experts have all worked in both radio and bars/clubs as DJs so know the sort of music to pick for your venue.

From party classics to up-to-date chart hits, whatever your customers want.


Professor Nicolas Gueguen led a study team in France (2008) that observed customers’ drinking habits in two bars across three Saturday nights. During the study the background music volume was changed between a normal level of 72dB and a significantly louder setting of 88dB. During periods when the background music was played at 88dB customers took an average of 11.5 minutes to finish a 250ml (80z) glass of draught beer compared to 14.5 minutes when music was played at the standard volume of 72dB. Calculated against the duration of stay for all participating customers it was found that each customer ordered on average one more drink when the louder background music was played.


of pubs and bars agree that music plays an important part towards company branding 1


say it relieves tension and awkward silences 1


of pubs and bars believe customers and staff would complain if the music was switched off 1


of bars/pubs and clubs agree that playing music creates a better atmosphere for customers 1


agree that playing music increases sales or results 1

Bar Background Music Solution

Rosi BMS has been developed with reliability in mind – it’s rock-solid.  Our customers count on a system which is able to perform with 24/7/365 reliability.

ROSI BMS also has the most advanced playlist selection in any background music product!  The system meticulously plans out the artists, genres and song tempos and checks whether the song played at around this time yesterday.  Wave goodbye to repeated songs or artists and say hello to the best possible combination of music.

Rosi Systems has a team of music experts who will carefully pick music that fits your venue.  We are specialists at picking music to appeal to your target customers.

1 Research was conducted by VisionCritical in April 2012 among 1,000 UK businesses and Entertainment Media Research in 2009 among 2,000 UK consumers. EMR also conducted the research in 2010 among 400 small retailers, hairdressers, offices and factories.