Demo channels

Demo Channels

Here’s some samples of the huge range of music channels we provide!

We provide great music channels for our customers.  Each channel is researched by a team of radio professionals, ensuring only the biggest and best songs are played in your establishment.

The channels below can be mixed & matched, our scheduling software enables you to have different styles of background music throughout each day of the week.

If none of the channels listed fit your needs then we’ll happily create one to fit your exact requirements.

(Notes: FEEL FREE TO CLICK on any below that are clickable for a demo stream… bear in mind that not all demo streams may be in operation all of the time (depending on what other demonstrations we’ve set up for prospective customers), and that depending on what device you are sampling from some may require “Quicktime” or another player on your machine for it to work properly etc… If there’s a channel you’d particularly like to listen to, but you are not able to hear it here today, just ask!  We’ll happily arrange it for you to have a listen to at our earliest convenience!)


>>>  Middle of the road
Like Radio 2 but without the weird album tracks! You can expect a host of well established artists from the 60s to the current day like Stevie Wonder, Elton John and REM to be playing. Over 45’s will be at ease with this.

LISTEN:   >>>  Chart Channel
A cross between Radio 1 and Capital FM which will appeal to a younger more switched on audience. Calvin Harris and Rihanna will be playing here!

(Note: The Chart channel above also features some jingles and dummy commercials to give a flavour of what your own in-store radio station might sound like!)


>>>  Heart of the matter
Yes it’s like THAT radio station…. but without the chat and with more than just 5 songs… (!!)
It’s music for mainly 30 something females – hear Adele, Michael Buble and Take That on this channel.

LISTEN:   >>>  Guitar Classics
It’s music by musicians and bands rather than producers and electronics, a male orientated mix, mainly from the 70s and 80s. Hear the Jam & the Eagles on this channel.

>>>  80’s only
Everybody loves 80’s pop don’t they, well here are all the best ones, non stop! The home of A-Ha and Wham’s top tunes, amongst many others!

>>>  Gold Classics
60s and 70s golden oldies from the Four Tops to T-Rex. Its a mix the over 50’s will love.

LISTEN:   >>>  Ambiance
Sounds for the spa that just wash over you, to transport you to a more peaceful and restful place.

>>>  Gym Beats
  Aaah, Push it! – It’s pop dance tracks with a beat, from the late 80s to today – Rhythm is a dancer from Snap up to David Guetta’s and Avicii’s latest.  Great in the gym room for your customers on a workout!

>>>  RnB
It can be sung like En Vogue and Beyonce, then with or without rap from the likes of the Black Eyed Peas and Jason Derulo

LISTEN:   >>>  Jazz
Blues, Jazz and swing… From Billie Holliday and Count Basie to Jamie Cullum and Madeleine Peyroux. There’s Jazz standards through to more modern exponents of the contemporary jazz scene all playing here.

>>>  You’ve got Soul
70s Disco classics and Motown Favourites –  hear from Aretha Franklin, the Supremes and Barry White.

LISTEN:   >>>  Chillax
You’ll be at right at ease with this relaxing mix of smooth instrumental soundscapes, ambient movie soundtracks and classically inspired chillout sounds.. plus the coolest Ibiza style trip-hop. If you know what all of those are, you’ll be super-chillin’ already! Way to go!

LISTEN:   >>>  Easy like a Sunday Morning 
It’s all at a relaxed tempo and sometimes smoochy – how about Westlife and the Commodores. Customers in a waiting area will be set at ease with this.

>>>  Cool Chill
Perfect for a up-market bar, cool grooves, feelgood guitars and soul.  Eclectic, trendy and cooler than your beer.  Expect to hear Cream, Elbow, Moby and Fatboy Slim.

>>>  Number One’s – It’s our Number One channel!
Just for a change how about our channel which plays only Number 1 songs, from the first in 1952 right up to today, it’s an eclectic mix!

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