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Rosi BMS Download Resource – Software and Help Files

Feel free to download and try out our BMS Software!!

If you’ve paid for the product
Download the software and the enter the license key we’ve provided, and you’ll be up and running in no time. The license key incorporates details of how many zones you’ve licensed, so this will all just work!

For a no obligation free trial
Without a license key, the software will allow you to trial a single zone player which will work for 28 or 30 days….  there’s also a PDF of the user manual to give you an idea of what you can do!


Download links

** Make sure you check the PRODUCT SPEC against your PC before you download by checking the product details HERE!! **

BMS Background Music Player .exe Software



BMS Background Music Player PDF user guide BMS user guide v7 2021.pdf

If you have any download, set up or operation queries feel free to contact us on the form at the bottom of this page!

When you’re ready to buy

Rosi BMS Background Music Software Single Zone Buyout List Price: £499.00 (GBP)

This one time payment gets you a one zone player with full support and upgrades to the latest version for a full 12 months from the date of purchase. Further Support and upgrade packages are available after the original 12 months expires, enquire for details. Remember we are more than happy to LEASE you our software, along with full ready made music libraries for any occasion or scenario!


The Rosi BMS software will support up to 32 zones per PC, should your sound card/sound cards be able to handle it!! 

You may add extra zones to the basic price shown above for £100 per ADDITIONAL zone.  As an example, a 4 zone system would be £499.00 + 3 additional zones @£100.00 = £300.00 = total £799.00 (GBP)

Don’t forget if you need PCs and/or sound-cards as well as the software which we know work with our system these are also available to lease or buy from us!   We have used a number of soundcards from the German manufacture “Marian”, like their Seraph range of products with 64 bit drivers. You’ll certainly need one like the “Marian Seraph8” for best quality results on a mega multi-zone system!! ask us to include one in your quote!

Rosi MLM – Master Library Manager: 

If you plan to have a number of BMS installations at various places, like a chain of shops, restaurants or hotels, then our MLM Suite, the Master Library Manager may come in handy. With MLM at head office you can manage an unlimited number of BMS installations remotely via the internet. Load your master music library and other content on the head office MLM and assign music channels and maybe promotional messages to the various BMS sites, which may be grouped into regions. MLM will then do the rest, sending the songs required to the relevant BMS sites (including things like IEEE P1619 compliant encryption of content files, satisfying digital rights holders).and collecting reports of what music has played and when. You can set each BMS to start, stop of change channels all from within the management tools section of MLM – a versatile tool for multiple BMS sites!

MLM is available to lease or buy – get in touch if you’re trying to keep tabs on a chain of sites to achieve the perfect corporate image! 

Virtual BMS: 

We also have a Virtual BMS version for servers which will generate digital internet radio audio streams rather than analogue music, and again can handle up to 32 streams playing together.

As no actual PC or sound cards are involved in the playout here, you’ll need our MLM management system also to tell your vBMS or multiple vBMS’s what to do!
…get in touch – this is just the sort of implementation when we are more than happy to dig deeper into your requirements and come up with a bespoke solution!


Now, if you’ve ANY other query then PLEASE get in touch!  We’d love to hear from you and we’ll try to help if we can!

The easiest way to get in touch is to fill in this form and we’ll reply within 24 hours!

If you want an idea of how we can work with your business, don’t forget to tell us what you’re aiming to achieve –
For Background Music, how many separate sites do you have, how many areas in each are you looking for your music system to fill??
If you want a radio service, is it just music, or with promotional messages too? Your own music or our Library? etc

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