Flagship Products

Rosi DJ

DJ Software Playing Deck


Professional software for DJs.  Easily play songs and create playlists.  Playlists can play automatically if you wish.  Tempo-change each of the players by +/- 16%.

Rosi BMS

Background Music Zone Player


6-zone audio player.  For background music in your business.  Create as many templates as you want, these templates have instructions as to what can be played.  Templates can be time scheduled for each player so you can create the perfect music mix for your business.


What else do we do?

We provide a complete programmed music package for your business.  We will pick music that best suites your style and deliver this via the internet each month to a dedicated playout computer.  Using our in-house designed software (BMS) we can deliver up to 6 unique zones of perfectly blended music for your business.

Our service is ideal for in-store music and media for your shop, restaurant, bar or hotel.

Rosi Systems Limited provide two solutions:

  1. Background Musicmusic for retail, restaurants & bars
  2. DJ Playout – for hands on control of your music by a DJ

Both solutions include our own rock-solid software, full music library and optional hardware.

Can I have a trial?

Yes!  We’ll happily provide you with a system to trial.  All we ask is that you pay a fully refundable deposit while you have our hardware and that you cover delivery costs.

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