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Interactive SMS messaging.

If you need to send and receive SMS text messages GetMyTxt is the ideal solution.  This is perfect for Radio and TV stations who want to interact with their audience.


– Send and receive SMS text messages (MO – Mobile originated, MT – Mobile terminated)
– Simple clear interface to see your messages
– Address book to store names against mobile phone numbers
– Keyword detection and processing
– Marketing tools with automatic opt-in and opt-out functionality
– Competitive costs on outgoing messages, starting at £0.04/message
– Standard and Gold virtual numbers
– Coming soon – access to a shortcode number


GetMyTxt is a cloud-based application.  All you need is an internet connection and a browser.  You can use the system on nearly all hand-held devices.  SMS text messages sent to your virtual number are instantly available in your inbox.  You can manually reply to incoming messages, or alternatively set up an automated keyword based reply.

GetMyTxt has built-in marketing features, including automatic handling of opt-in and opt-out messages.  Marketing messages can be created and sent to your subscribed members.


This is a cloud-based product – we host the software on our servers in the UK.  Working with a number of partners we integrate directly with a number of mobile networks, including Vodaphone, Telefonica O2, Orange, British Telecom, Cable & Wireless Gurnsey, Jersey airtel, Jersey Telecom, Manx Telecom and T-Mobile.  We can also send to international numbers at incredible rates, please enquire for more details.

Using high-capacity protocols our application can send and receive thousands of SMS messages per minute.  Messages are stored in MySQL database where further processing takes places – looking for keywords and marketing opt-ins and outs.

Our cloud service has a 99% uptime.

Each incoming SMS has all the information you need – including the actual message, sender and the date/time it was sent.


You will notice that this message has a link to “Colin”.  This person’s mobile number exists in the address book, so their number has been substituted with their name.  This feature is useful if you have many regular contributors who don’t always put their name in the message.

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