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Maybe you are considering using remote access software such as Team Viewer, Log Me In or Go To My PC…?

We use TeamViewer to provide technical customer support, and our sales team can use it for presentations – to show prospective customers how good our products are!

Whilst a little on the expensive side, TeamViewer is so easy to use and really helps with our customer service delivery, and in the long run is well worth the investment..

You can use Team Viewer for free as long as it is for non-commercial use, but if you do try to use the FREE version for business, then your customers will see the “not for commercial use” message and think you are cheapskates or dodgy in some way, and eventually TeamViewer will suss you out, and limit your sessions to just 5 minutes in length with no reconnections for a further 10 minutes!… so you may as well buy it anyway now, as you’ll need to eventually when you get found out!


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Buying the full version also allows you to customise a version you can give to your customers, to make it look like your very own bespoke customer support system, nice! Here’s ours below!

Rosi-Systems Bespoke Customer Support Logo

Get 3% off your TeamViewer purchase price with this discount code:    


Use this discount code at the official TeamViewer site when you purchase to save yourself some money!

Check out the options, download TeamViewer and buy here:

If you are only thinking about buying TeamViewer at the moment, why not BOOKMARK this page so as when you do get around to buying it, you can get 3% off the purchase price! There is no time limit on the use of this discount code, use it anytime!

If you have any questions you can ring us (Phone, UK : 01326 368309), e-mail us (, or ask using the form below!!

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