You can buy or lease any of our products, or any of the constituant parts in any combination.. Obviously we can’t provide details of all combinations here as requirements vary enormously per customer, but please contact us for a no obligation quote specifically for your business – we’ll be pleased to be of assistance!!


You can ring us (Phone : 01326 368309), e-mail us (, or contact us easily on the form at the bottom of this page!!


BMS comes in 3 packages: Basic, Premuim or Platinum, with music, software & hardware available on all 3 deals.

Premium BMS packages start from £14.50/week for a software and audio library setup, but we do have basic packages starting at under £10/week!  Costs vary depending on how many songs we licence to you, how many channels and zones you require, and how many updates you want to receive per month etc.

For our hotel and cruise liner customers, our Platinum package includes up to 6 zones of music playing at the same time in different areas, and different channels playing on each at different times of the day, starting from only £19.99 a week!


We also offer the necessary computer hardware INCLUDED in your weekly lease cost if you sign up on a minimum 3 year contract, or you can buy a computer from us or simply use your own system.    Unlike some other companies, we source our computers from well known names so you can be sure of reliability.  We preload the audio library, install the software and setup all the configuration for you.  When the computer arrives it’s ready to work.  We use professional audio soundcards in our systems – everything is top quality so that the music sounds great!




As an alternative, if you’re on a really tight budget and do not need the flexibility of your own BMS computer on site, we can stream one or more of our standard channels to you via the internet in superb quality starting from only £4 a week!  (Obviously you don’t get any smooth transitions between channels with this option, nor the chance to add any commercial messages etc with a streamed service, but otherwise a selection of channels is available to you 24/7 via your broadband internet connection)



Contact us for a no obligation quote tailored for your individual needs… we’re here to help!


FREE TRIAL*: We’re so confident you’ll love our system, we’ll let you try it free of charge for a month with no obligation! (*Conditions apply – see below)

ROSI PRICE PROMISE:  If you like  their  special offers but you think you’d prefer  our  more advanced system… then don’t panic! We regularly check our competitors prices to try to make sure we offer unbeatable value at the best price, but if we’ve not spotted an offer that you have found, we’ll happily match the monthly leasing price of any broadly like for like system from a UK based competitor that you can show us is available at the time of your enquiry!


 Feel free to contact us if you’d like ANY more information…..

Let us know what sort of premises you operate, what sort of customers you have, and what sort of thing you’re after!!

You can ring us (Phone : 01326 368309), e-mail us (, or fill in the form below!!

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    FREE TRIAL*: We’re so confident you’ll love our system, we’ll let you try it free of charge for a month with no obligation! (*Conditions apply: if you want to use your own machine that’s already on site, there’s no charge, as we can populate it via your broadband connection, but we will ask for a fully refundable deposit if we lend you one of our computer systems, and ask you to pay the cost to courier it to you, and back, if necessary)