The Rosi Solutions Overview

Rosi Systems is proud to present our range of software tools to provide on-line ‘radio’ streams, or Background Music ‘channels’ for one venue up to a whole chain of many hundreds of locations.

You can use our software to load with your own music, or you can choose from our huge family of song channels which we manage and constantly update to cater for every possible taste. So, with a bunch of songs, and maybe with some commercial messages or announcements, our clever software will blend it all together and produce your own personal “radio station” – You can promote it as YOUR internet radio station, or for Background Music playing in your shop, reception area or bar. If you run a hotel or a cruise ship you might want multiple zones or streams to provide a different feel for different zones or areas – no problem – our system can operate up to 32 totally independent zones or streams from just ONE PC, and we have management software that can bring together hundreds of players together into a proper network of machines and zones that can all be controlled from one or more central locations!

We have recruited music programmers with unenviable track records & top listening figures from market leading radio stations in the UK. You choose the sort of songs or genres you’d like to be played, then our team will do the work and find the actual song mix that’s right for you and your market. Whilst our competitors systems then just play at random from a pool of songs in any old order, our clever technology provides the optimum balance and flow between styles, artists and even a good balance between males and female singers, or pop and R’n’B songs for example.

Don’t leave the music choice in your business down to one of your staff members to play their personal favourite CD on repeat all day long!

IT Room Display mnitor showing BMS in operation

Rosi BMS – Background Music Playout Software

Rosi Systems is proud to have developed our market-leading background music platform.

This is usually installed on a Windows PC in the customer’s premises to playout a mix of music, with or without additional announcements or commercials.

The software can also be installed on a server (or virtual server) to produce a web-stream, which we can host or customers can make their own arrangements.

Prices start from £41.99/zone/month (exc VAT, depending on hardware, number of zones, number of playlists, etc).

Music is scheduled “on-the-fly” using our state of the art algorithms, so whilst the expected separations of artists and similar songs etc are still adhered to, there is no requirement to spend valuable time generating logs in advance and then having to browse through and make tedious/repetitive adjustments to what is going to be played each day, or just playing the same songs in the same order over and over, a choice which is required with many other systems.

Demo Streams

We have demonstration “radio stations” running our BMS software which you can listen to here. 

You will note that although there are various features and year idents popping up in front of some songs etc, these channels are TOTALLY AUTOMATED and require NO ongoing human intervention to schedule jingles or check forthcoming playlists!

Everything you hear is being created “as-it-goes” from our music/content libraries and client rules/settings within our Rosi BMS software.

hotel music

Standard Copyrighted Music

These are the normal songs that you can buy in the shops, listen to on streaming services and hear on the radio – these are performed by and composed by artists and writers which are protected by copyright collection agencies.  

You will need a ‘public performance’ license to play these songs in your business, but 99.9% of the familiar songs your customers are likely to be at ease with and will want to hear in reception areas, shops, bars and gyms etc are likely to fall into this category and the licenses required are not prohibitively expensive.

Even if you just had a radio on in the corner, and it could be heard by members of the public visiting your business, YOU DO STILL NEED a public performance license for this just the same! 

** Bear in mind that using normal personal streaming services and playout devices like iPods or Sonos players ARE NOT licensed and legal for public performance use, as the songs are not encoded and/or encrypted in any way, and this is a condition of public performance licenses (which our Background music systems do satisfy)

Royalty Free Music

Royalty free background music is becoming increasingly popular.  This is music which isn’t under the control of the main copyright collection agencies. Because the music isn’t under their control, it means you don’t have to pay for a public performance license in your venue.

In the old days it was limited to cheesey off-key cover versions that sounded a bit weird in certain shops, but nowadays we have a large selection of royalty free background music genres which are suitable for all businesses.

You won’t hear the pop-songs you hear on the radio, but you will get a decent selection of music which will enhance the atmosphere in your venue.

We find royalty free music works well for genres like chill-out, deep house, ambiance, etc, rather than standard familiar music genres like Pop and Rock.

What do Rosi Systems provide?

Our full background music service includes the following:

  • High definition audio player (various hardware options available)
  • Unlimited choice from our great music playlists.
  • Choose which playlists play at which time/day.
  • Powerful playlist tools which prevent the same music playing in the same order on consecutive days.
  • Schedule special music events.
  • Automatic content updates via the internet.

Music Delivery

We have 2 methods of delivering the music at your business:

1. PC based

A small PC on your premises – Our pre-tuned custom machine or a Windows PC which you can provide or may already have.
This device runs our market leading software and automatically downloads new content from our servers daily.
We can remotely manage our BMS software on this device – It plays music from the local hard disk, so it is not dependent on the internet connection,
but it does need to be connected to the internet in order that we can remotely manage and provide updates.
Our PC solution can play multiple zones at once (up to 32 per PC!), so if you wanted different music in various areas of your premises a single PC can achieve this!

2. Streaming

We stream the audio from our servers to our “set top box” dedicated tuner, or indeed any device of your choice capable of receiving internet radio streams.
This relies on your internet connection to play the audio – If the internet connection drops then the music would stop playing.
Multiple zones can be achieved using multiple set top boxes – check whether your current bandwidth can comfortably withstand an audio stream with one of our test streams here!

if we are providing the music and managing the service for you, we charge £41.99 per zone / per month (exc VAT, over a 24 month term), whichever delivery method you choose.

Rosi BMS is also available for outright purchase at £599, (exc VAT, but including 12 months of support and free updates), for one zone, with extra zones at just £160 (exc VAT)! 

If your internet connection is poor or already struggling with the current load, we can also offer a managed internet connection as part of the contract – We can provide prices if required.

Hardware Costs (if required, exc VAT)

Multiple BMS installations are managed by Master Library Manager – Rosi MLM

If you’ve a whole network of multiple Rosi BMS Background Music playout Software machines to manage, maybe divided into areas in regions or even separate countries, then we also have the ultimate management tool for you. This is a comprehensive management system called MLM – Master Library Manager. 
This system allows you to manage:

  1. Music library
  2. Commercial content
  3. Customers – including each customer site
  4. Delivery of audio and corresponding data securely from your offices to each customer installation (including IEEE P1619 compliant encryption of content files, satisfying digital rights holders).
  5. Comprehensive reporting of what has played – this can be exported and submitted to copyright agencies.

Our Rosi MLM Platform Management is available as a service, or to buy outright

If you run or are looking at setting up a company providing background music then we can help you!  Our background music platform is well established and reliable.  You can be up and running in a matter of days.  This is much more cost effective than hiring your own software development team.

If you already have a background music platform and are looking options to improve it, we’ll happily discuss ways we can help you migrate to our products.  We have migrated a number of background music providers to our platform.

We offer our platform in 2 ways:

  • PaaS – Platform as a Service.  We will host and maintain your music service on our servers.  You pay a monthly fee based on the number of end user installations.  This is a managed service and we offer you support.  All you have to do is provide the content!
    From £719/month. (exc VAT)
  • Perpetual – pay a one-off fee to purchase our management software (which includes desktop software, database schema and various API software).  You are responsible for installing and maintaining the platform.  You can also purchase single or blocks of end client licenses from us on the same perpetual basis.  You own the software and once purchased there is no ongoing commitment.
    The base Management product is £10,799 (exc VAT) outright which includes 12 months of updates and 15 single-zone client licenses.
great background music for restaurants
background music platform software engineer at work

Now get in touch with us and we’ll provide the solution to your background music needs!
The easiest way to get in touch is to fill in this form and we’ll reply within 24 hours!

If you want an idea of how we can work with your business, don’t forget to tell us what you’re aiming to achieve –
For Background Music, how many separate sites do you have, how many areas in each are you looking for your music to fill??
Bar, Reception area, Spa/Health Club etc? Do you think you’d prefer PC Based or a streaming delivery solution?
If you want a radio style service, is it just music, or with promotional messages too?
Might you provide your own music or would you like to use our hand picked Libraries? etc

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