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 Audio signal processing


Version 3.5 of BMS and above feature built-in DSP processing:

1) AGC: automatic gain controller (controls the volume of tracks).
2) Compressor.

Each of these sections has a considerable number of settings, so we have created 3 hard-coded presets - Soft, Medium and Hard.

Gentle AGC and light compression. This is the default setting.  It controlls the audio level and makes changes to it slowly.  The output is sent through a compressor with light settings. Ideal for situations where there is ample volume or through a large PA system.

A slightly quicker AGC and medium level compressor.  This is ideal for most situations, particularly retail.  It will ensure that all the songs sound consistent.

An aggressive AGC and hard compressor.  This is ideal for busy retail or entertainment venues that have attitude. The music will stand out and have a very consistent volume.


Please note, the compressor settings are global, so affect all BMS channels on a single installation.  If changing this setting, a restart of the software is required.

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