If you’ve been using CDs or records to DJ with it’s quite a step to move over to using a computer with software.  When I first started using a laptop to play all of my music there was quite a leap of faith, I had to trust my laptop and software to be as reliable as my old CD players.

I was inspired to write Rosi DJ after trying out loads of other DJ packages.  I wanted a direct replacement for my CD players and all the software was fiddly to use and unreliable.  It’s these simple objectives that have helped us to create Rosi DJ.

So, what do you need to consider?

  • Software. You need to get software that you have total confidence in.  If you’re unsure or don’t think it’s quite right then keep searching!
  • Hardware. While most software will run on any computer, it’s worth getting a new or nearly new laptop to use when you’re DJing.  Playing music, especially when you’re changing the tempo and mixing a few things at once, can take up quite a bit of memory.  You’ll also need a large hard disc.  I would personally recommend an external hard disc for your music.  Get a rugged disc, one that will withstand being taken around with the rest of your kit.  I use a LaCie Rugged XL 1TB disc, http://www.amazon.co.uk/LaCie-Rugged-1TB-Hard-Disk/dp/B00270NXOQ
  • Soundcard. If you want to plug into 2 mixer channels (like having a double CD deck) you’ll need a soundcard with two stereo outputs. Something like this would be ideal http://www.echoaudio.com/Products/ExpressCard/IndigoDJx/specs.php
  • Music. You need to get all of the music you need onto the computer hard disc.  You can either download songs from the internet (iTunes, Amazon, etc) or rip songs from the CD.  Ripping is a process of copying the audio quickly from CD to the computer.  You can rip a whole album in a couple of minutes.  Rosi DJ Software has a built-in ripper to copy songs easily from CD.

From my experience I love using my laptop and dj software.  I can access all of my music instantly, so with a couple of mouse clicks a song can be playing.  Great for requests!  If you are a DJ that plays requests (some don’t like doing this) make sure you check out how good the searching facility is within the software you buy.  We’ve spent ages with Rosi DJ getting this right.  It needs to be flexible, fast and easy to use.