DJ System

In your venue playing the songs that research shows are popular with your target customers will make them feel at home in your premises, where they will be at ease to stay longer, spend more and return more often.

Rosi Systems has recruited music programmers with unenviable track records & top listening figures from market leading radio stations in the UK. We also have contacts currently working within the major radio groups across the country. We have access to playlists and song data from stations across the UK.  We are not in the business of trying to teach your customers what they should be listening to – we leave testing out new songs and playing quirky genres of music to other people who are happy to take chances with their patrons.. We program only the songs we know your customers will already like! Our team also includes DJs who have played popular clubs and pubs from back in the 80s right to the present day – they know what is going to keep your nights pumping into the early hours, and you then get the benefit of their experience.

You choose the sort of songs or genres you’d like to be played, or not, as the case may be.  All the songs are available for the DJ to play on our advanced ROSI DJ player.

No longer will you have to rely on DJs bringing their own music collection – everything you’re happy for them to play is available and can easily be searched.

DJ Deck

DJ Deck

Rosi DJ screen overview

Rosi DJ screen overview

What do you get?

Our DJ service includes the following:

  • – ROSI DJ v4.0 Software
  • – 19″ rackmount PC with professional sound card outputs
  • – Audio library with regular automatic updates (via the internet)
  • – Combine our music library with your own songs (or songs from your DJs)

Packages start from £65/month for a software and audio library setup.  Costs vary depending on how many songs we licence to you and how many updates you want to receive per month.

We offer computer hardware on a buyout basis.  DJ computers are supplied in a 19″ rack mount case with a professional soundcard.  We preload the audio library, install the software and setup all the configuration for you.  When the computer arrives it’s ready to work.