After a recent visit to Bath Thermae Spa I came to realise the importance of the music.

spa music

On a single day I had 2 spa treatments.  They were both in identical rooms.  The experience and ‘feel’ was totally different for each treatment.

  • Treatment 1: There was no spa music playing.  After the initial treatment discussion there was silence.  I started noticing the sound of fans and staff talking outside of the treatment room.  It wasn’t the most relaxing of treatments – I was not relaxed.
  • Treatment 2: I felt at ease and nearly fell asleep (always a sign that I’m relaxed).  The difference was that there was some well chosen soundscape music playing in the background.  This helped me drift into a trance-like state during the duration of the treatment.

I don’t understand why some of the treatment rooms had this playing and others didn’t.  Maybe it was the preference of the person doing the treatment.  What I do know is that the addition of the background music/soundscape really helped me relax.

At Rosi Systems we offer spa music playlists designed to relax customers.

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