If you’ve been thinking about having background music in your business, this short guide will point you in the right direction for the essentials.

What do you need?

The basic system comprises these 3 items: Music Player, Music Library, Amplifier & Speakers

Music Player

You’ll need something to play your music.  Typically you’d have a set top box or computer to play the music, with a suitable sound card and internet connection.  This is where our product BMS can be used.  BMS carefully orders the music without gaps, and without repetitions. You won’t find any old random selection with our system.

Music Library

Our specialist music planning team will work with you to understand the kind of hotel music you require.  There are a number of existing channels we offer which may be perfect – here are a few ideas of channels available to get you thinking, but this is not a full list…  Alternatively we can create an exclusive music selection for you.  All music channels receive automatic updates via the internet, so you can be sure the library will be kept fresh.

Amplifier & Speakers


Once the music comes out of the music player device, it needs to go through an amplifier and speakers, just like your hi-fi at home. You may have all this all set up already, or we can recommend partner installers who can advise or even install whole systems for you, or you are free to get someone of your choosing to do this bit.


On top of the basic system, you might like to consider…

Extra Zones

Do you have different areas of your business that would benefit from different music styles?  A good example is a hotel which has different music in the reception to restaurant.  Rosi BMS computer is capable of playing music to up to 32 different areas or zones within your premises at the same time, so you can have different music themes playing in different areas, no problem!  You would need to have an appropriate soundcard with sufficient outputs to achieve this.


Do you need to intersperse the music with recorded messages.  You might like to tell customers about your special days, bargain offers, or anything you like in between the songs.


If you want to give customers the ultimate control, why not have touch-screen jukebox displays.  This allows patrons to pick music tracks.