Music Consultancy

Selecting the right music for your business is essential.  It’s not an easy task and requires lots of thought.

At Rosi Systems we’re obsessed with music and love selecting the right songs that we know will sound right in your business.  Our team will discuss your business with you and typical/desired clientele, then work with you to create a customised playlist, purpose built for you.

If you already have background music, we are happy to come and listen and give our ideas and suggestions.

Our music programming team have a wealth of experience at choosing the right music to fit brands.  Our team have over 30 years experience of picking music for some of the UKs most successful radio stations.

What’s Included

Our consultancy service includes:

  • 2 music experts will spend 2 days with you.
  • We’ll analyse your current music.
  • Create a music mood board.
  • Build a sample playlist.
  • Optionally supply a customised music library with regularl updates.


We will send 2 of our music experts to spend 2 days with you.  The cost of the consultation is £1600, plus travelling and accommodation costs.

Why not challenge us to produce a customised music channel just for you?


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