Background Music Systems – Our Solution Options

We offer a total background music solution (hardware/software and a music library), or just software (which you can put your own music on).  Our system is suitable for shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, health clubs and more.

For the total solution, there are two options:

Play the background music from a Player or PC located in your premises, or stream your music via the internet (like your own radio station) from our channel streaming servers.

Using our BMS software from a PC or laptop in your premises:

From £9.99/week.  You can have 1, or as many music channels as you like.  We can build customised music channels for you, with specific tracks.  You can add your own music and/or create your own channels.  A PC computer is required, which contains our BMS software.  This plays back the music from the local hard disc, starting, stopping and switching the music as you  choose according to your timetable template. The software connects to our servers and downloads the correct music and metadata for the channels you’re subscribed to. You can add extra zones (up to 32 per machine) or extra music channels.  (There’s also a budget option with non-copyright music from £3.99/week)

Basic Streaming: Live streaming based (Single Channel).

From £2.99/week, plus player device. You choose a single music channel from our selection.  This stream is delivered live, via the internet, to a small player device (not much bigger than a pack of butter) or to your PC computer or laptop.



More Choice Streaming: (5 channel selection).

From £8.99/week, plus player device.  You choose up to 5 music channels from our selection.  These streams are delivered live, via the internet to the advanced player device which allows you to choose between the 5 channels (or to your PC computer/laptop).




Streaming Options require a good broadband internet connection.  BMS Software Options are the most flexible packages we offer.

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